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About Us

We have expanded our business by establishing a long-lasting partnership with our investors, through our team and worldwide partners, by offering unique and secure real estate investment projects. Our mission is to deliver to our clients the best products in the market. Our passion is to advance global mobility, through trustworthy solutions.

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Our vision is to provide unique real estate projects and sell them via sole ownership or co-ownership, helping investors and major market players find the most suitable projects according to their needs. We strive to bring the best value to our partners and their respective clients.

Path Global cherishes all the partners for choosing us, and we assist them to pursue their dreams with hospitality. We also seek maximization of benefits for all parties. At the same time, what we have done has a considerable impact in the economic development of invested areas,. 

Message from our chairman

Patrick Abikzer

Our DNA is fueled by curiosity, creativity, and innovative ideas, to accomplish our mission: deliver to our clients the best products in the market. We pursue opportunities where we can leverage existing relationships and where a knowledge advantage results in a positive impact on our ability to successfully source, purchase, manage and exit investments.

We are proud of our success and will continue to imagine and create the best alternative Investment products for investors and our worldwide agents. We thank you for your trust. Most of all, my gratitude and recognition go to our amazing team and international partners.

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