Path Global starts out in Singapore, where international elites can fully unleash their talents. Through years of strenuous Research and Development, we examined every country's immigration laws in order to build our own immigration database. This helped us sped up our program development which brought real benefits to all our clients.

When we entered the industry many years ago, immigration was considered a privilege to a few, and a decision of profound influence of no turning back. Nowadays, Residence and Citizenship Planning is all about the pursuit of personal achievement and financial flexibility. Born with an uncontainable thirst for global mobility, we always need a Plan B.

As industries grow more and more specialized, we become conscious that opportunities are getting scattered around companies and individuals who have access to clients' growing need for residence and citizenship planning. The only barrier from helping the clients is the lack of professional knowledge and experience in operation of immigration programs.

Path Global's expert team is dedicated to design immigration programs with comprehensive assessment and risk control. Professional interpretation of immigration laws and regulations allow us to be compliant at an international standard. Due diligences are performed in order to guarantee the interests of every party involved.

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Our vision is to advancing global mobility by designing practical and universal immigration programs, we strive to bring the best value to our partners and their respective clients. We believe that immigration is for everyone who wishes to live to their full extent.

Cooperating on the basis of honesty and integrity, we offer services in the realm of our competence. We provide the best solutions in a rigorous and efficient approach, which is presented by our professional and tailor-made services.

Path Global cherishes our partners for choosing us, and we assist them to pursue their dreams with hospitality. As a team we devote endlessly to achieve success for clients in their application of immigration. We also seek maximization of benefits for all parties.

Message from our chairman

Patrick Abikzer

Our DNA is fueled by curiosity, creativity, and innovative ideas, to accomplish our mission: deliver to our clients the best products in the market. We pursue opportunities where we can leverage existing relationships and where a knowledge advantage results in a positive impact on our ability to successfully source, purchase, manage and exit investments.

We are proud of our success and will continue to imagine and create the best alternative Investment products for our worldwide clients. We thank you for your trust. Most of all, my gratitude and recognition go to our amazing team and international partners.

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We have formed strategic partnerships with our partners including  real estate developers, law firms, financial services companies and government agencies.

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We bring security assurance to our clients which includes steady operation principles and multi-layer investment.


We provide programs which include but are not limited to global real estate and fund investment.

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We are a global team where various nationalities are represented. Our diverse team ensures that our clients receive the most customized guidance possible.

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