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Live! Valdemoro

Live! Valdemoro

Valdemoro is located in the south of Madrid, with only 20-minute driving to city. It is an industrial area gathering more than 400 business, with its residents having an upper-middle level of income. A full range of social amenities including hospitals, schools and shopping malls are within reach. Police takes a high proportion of the community's population since the only police academy of Madrid is here, making a more secure neighborhood. 



Fully equipped. Pools, parks and garage in common area. 

Social amenities

Schools, shopping malls, parks, etc. Recreation facilities as well.

Privileged location

Center Valdemoro. Short driving distance to city.

Middle class area

An industrial area with large number of enterprises.


  • Public & private bilingual schools. Duque de Ahumada police academy. 

  • Infanta Elena University Hospital.

  • Entrance of M423 and A4 highway

  • Shopping malls, restaurants and large parks. 


Live! Valdemoro

Address:  Calle de Postiguillo, Valdemoro, Madrid

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