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Our Team | CEO of Path Global Hotels and Resorts

Mário Azevedo Ferreira

Graduated from Centre International de Glion of Higher Education, Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Master of Financial Management and Marketing. Mário Azevedo Ferreira is fluent in Portuguese, English, French, and Spanish.

Previous Work experiences:

•      Trade & Tourism Counsellor, Portuguese Embassy (in Italy, United Kingdom)

•      Economic Counsellor, Portuguese Embassy (in Holland, France).

•      CEO of NAU Hotels & Resorts, Lisbon.

•      Managing Director Hospitality & Tourism Division, CS Hotels Group, Lisbon and Algarve, Portugal .

Mário Azevedo Ferreira has more than 30 years of luxury hotel operation experience and is good at exploring and developing potential hotel projects. Because of his important contribution to the economic relations between the Portuguese and French governments, the French government has also specially awarded him the Big Knight Medal.

Currently working at Path Global Hotels and Resorts, which belongs to our Path Global Group, Mário Azevedo Ferreira believes: "This is a new hotel group with hotel ownership and management rights. Interest has been growing, I believe this is a good sign. "

Mário Azevedo Ferreira
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